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Dishwashing Powder

Taurus Machine Dishwashing Powder is a heavy-duty alkaline detergent for industrial, household and high pressure cleaning systems. Specifically formulated for institutional dishwashing and for high pressure cleaning applications, requiring a non-foaming alkaline detergent. Removes stains, dirt, oil and fatty deposits, leaving crockery and cutlery clean and streak free. Ideal for household and industrial use.

Domestic and commercial dishwashing machines and high pressure cleaning systems requiring a non-foaming alkaline detergent.


Pour 30g (2 even tablespoons) into the soap dispenser per wash. Under dosing may lead to corrosion. Lead crystal glass and "On Glaze" decorated china should not be washed at high temperatures in dishwashing machines.

Form Powder
Colour White
Odour Fresh
pH 9.5 - 10
Packing units: 5kg, 20kg
Solubility: Mixes freely in water
Biodegradable: Yes
Country of manufacture: Namibia
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