Carpet Glow

Taurus Manufacturing
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Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo

Carpet Glow is a low foaming carpet shampoo in concentrated liquid form. It contains strong surfactants and built-in softeners to brighten and refresh your carpets and upholstery. For use with carpet cleaning machines

For removing fats, oils, grease, soil and dirt from carpets & upholstery with a spray extraction cleaner/carpet cleaner

Follow dilution instructions provided with your machine. Maximum dilution is 1:100 with water. Shake well before use.

Form Liquid
Colour Blue
Odour Fresh
pH 7.5
Packing units 12 x 1L, 4 x 5L, 1 x 25L
Solubility Completely soluble in water
Biodegradable Yes
Country of manufacture Namibia