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Biotreatment for Organic Waste

Breakdown Biotreatment of Organic Waste. Micro-organisms inside Breakdown make it 100% environmentally safe. It breaks down organic waste soils, grease and fat, prevents crusting in septic tanks and unclogs drains. Eliminates bad odours.

For septic tanks, long drops, pit latrines, French drains, portable toilets, drains and fat & grease traps. Do not use Breakdown in combination with disinfectants.

Initial treatment: To activate the system, mix 300 ml Breakdown with 5 L to 10 L of lukewarm (not hot) water for each cubic metre of solid waste. Leave to stand for a minimum of 15 minutes. Pour through any convenient access point.

Regular maintenance: Weekly - Treat with mix of 300 ml Breakdown with 1 L lukewarm water. Monthly - Treat with mix of 100 ml Breakdown with 2-5 L of lukewarm water

Form Liquid
Colour White to off white
Odour Slight
pH 7.5 -9
Packing units: 12 x 1L, 4 x 5L, 1 x 25L
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
Biodegradable: Yes
Country of manufacture: Namibia
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