HDS 8/18-4 C Classic

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Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner

The three-phase HDS 8/18-4 C Classic is the most powerful hot water high-pressure cleaner in the compact class. With 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor and eco!efficiency mode.
The HDS 8/18-4 Classic is the most powerful hot water high-pressure cleaner in our HDS compact class. The three-phase machine with 4-pole, water-cooled electric motor offers everything you could expect when it comes to ease of use, ergonomics and efficient use of resources. Users will be impressed by features like the simple single-button operation and the high level of mobility provided by the large wheels and steering roller. The Easy Press trigger gun, featuring the non-slip soft grip, makes cleaning simple and effortless, while the eco!efficiency mode offers a high level of efficiency, making the machine more environmentally friendly. The hard-wearing chassis ensures optimum safety, as the tanks for cleaning agents and fuel are securely integrated. Handy storage compartments for accessories and tools complete the wide range of features offered by the HDS 8/18-4 Classic.



·         Exhaust gas thermostat

·         Anti-twist system

·         Pressure cut-off

·         Fuel shortage protection

·         Steam stage

·         3-piston axial pump, With ceramic pistons

·         Spray gun, Easy Press trigger gun

·         Spray gun with soft grip

·         Integrated fuel and detergent tank

·         Pole reverse plug (3-phase)

·         Power nozzle

·         Soft Damping System (SDS)

·         Spray lance, rotatable

·         Infinitely variable pressure and water flow regulation on the machine

·         Calcification protection

·         4-pole engine (low-speed machine)
















Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz)


Flow rate (l/h)


Working pressure (bar/MPa)


Max. temperature (°C) 155
Connection load (kW)


Fuel tank (l)


Heating oil or gas consumtion (kg/h)


Cleaning agent tank (l)


Power cable (m) 5
Weight (kg)


Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)

1060 x 650 x 920